I’d say it would be worth a check I think I’m going to give up on BlueTooth on this particular machine. Have something to contribute to this discussion? Edited 5 Years Ago by Reverend Jim. I’ll probably be getting a new laptop between now and next spring anyway keeping an eye out for Christmas sales.

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Yep, and my Grandfather used to say that he was sure that his trousers were on the right way around when he put them on It’s circa and no longer under warranty. Shop for Parts Dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth Latitude Parts. Step 1 Slide the latches over to unlock the battery. Video tutorial repair manual.

I’ll probably be getting blhetooth new laptop between now and next spring anyway keeping an eye out for Christmas sales. Is anyone able to help me troubleshoot this?

Dell Inspiron Bluetooth Card Installation & Video Repair Guide

It’s in my first post. Broadcom Updater What’s more you will have some nice profile pic’s dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth HRH to add to your stamp collection too. Slide the Battery out of the laptop. Maybe your bluetoooth adapter is broken.


How do I enable bluetooth on my laptop

I really don’t think it’s a problem with your Blutooth as such, it’s more to do with a software switch. Manually trigger the BTTray.

Dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth cannot get BlueTooth to work on my laptop. Install Driver from here. When I try to set compatibility in Properties, that option is greyed out. Only 16 left in stock – order soon. Do you have Quickset installed?

Drivers for Bluetooth devices for Dell Inspiron 1720 laptops | Windows XP x86

There are numbers all over this blasted thing. When Dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth try to install the Dell Vista driver it says I have the wrong version. As I already said, all that happens is Edited 5 Years Ago by Reverend Jim. Direct download for Quickset.

Dell Inspiron Bluetooth Card Removal & Installation

This Tag will identify specifically which computer you have, and will take into account any hardware changes Dell may have introduced to that particular dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth. There may be a newer version for Quickset bpuetooth you tell us the Dell code for your computer. Questions asked by members who have earned a lot of community kudos are featured in order to give back and encourage quality replies.


While it’s not turned on it dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth show in Device Manager, or on the Task Bar. blueetooth

Usually, I’d format the whole It’s as small as anything and weighs nothing, the postage cost isn’t even worth talking dell inspiron 1720 bluetooth. Sending me the dongle would be great but I don’t want you to go to the expense.

No problem with the terminology. December 17, I’ve tried that driver.

Step 3 Unplug the cable. I’d say it would be worth a check