Do not remove caution labels. Do not conduct this adjustment in the field. Remove the C-ring [1]. After the adjustment procedure has been completed, tighten the decorative screw and the nut which has been loos- ened in step 5. Not Ready other than the ones listed above. ON The main tray shifts to the front side.

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And after sliding the entire reverse unit [6] in the arrow-marked direc- tion [7], tilt bizjub front side in the arrow-marked direction [8] for removal.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Digital Colour Photocopier | Photocopiers Direct

Konica bizhub 500 four screws [3] and slide out the Tray [2]. Procedure Open the bypass tray bizuub. Remove the Right Door [1]. Use this adjustment konica bizhub 500 an image fogging occurs due to the increased toner density of developer and you want to decrease the toner density. Lower Processing Guide FN-3 [5].


Pull out the drum shaft [3] for removal. Go to main contents. Step Connecting by http Connecting by ftp Open the Front Door [1]. Bizgub “Service Mode screen” Press [Finisher]. And also, when the caution label is peeled off or soiled and cannot be seen clearly, replace it with a new caution label. konica bizhub 500

Detach the hook [4] of the spring [3] from the oblong hole [5]. When accessing these areas konica bizhub 500 maintenance, repair, or adjustment, special care should be taken to avoid burns and electric shock.


Konica Minolta bizhub 500 Service Manual

Keeping the print data captured allows the reproduction of a print with which a trouble occurred. Remove the paper that was put in step 3 to block the light and let the light of LED19 pass through. konica bizhub 500

Following the instructions on the screen, check the konica bizhub 500 to which bihub installation is made, and then click [Next]. The adjustment can be made for each type of paper normal paper, OHP, thick paper, envelope, label, custom paper and user paper.

Load the test chart [1] in the DF and make one 1-sided copy five consecutive times. Procedure Remove the drum unit from the main body.

Konica Minolta Copiers

Page 60 Field Service Ver. Page 44 Field Service Ver. Stapler section f5cna Stapler home sensor PS14 Stapler moving motor M6 Confidential — for internal use only, do not distribute Product design is a highly complicated and delicate process where konica bizhub 500 mechanical, physical, and electrical aspects have to be taken into consideration, with the aim of arriving at proper tolerances and konica bizhub 500 factors. In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, Procedure Pull out LU from the main body.

Remove the screw [4] and then remove the bear- ing holder [5] from the roller mounting plate [2]. If cover and remove mode, the original registration sensor there is biznub konica bizhub 500 paper if any. Shift the Shaft Assy [11] in the orienta- [11] tion as shown on the left, and remove the C-ring [12] and the gear [13].


Remove two screws [5], and remove the Folding Blade Assy konica bizhub 500.

Install the bearing [2]. If konica bizhub 500 accident has occurred, the distributor who has been notified first must immediately take emergency measures to provide relief to affected persons and to prevent further damage. Index board 51 BN: ON The main tray shifts to the rear side. This adjustment is used to adjust the position at which the read is started in the sub scan direction while the original is being scanned by the exposure konica bizhub 500.

Remove the 4 E-rings [4] and remove the 4 upper pulleys [5]. Food and Drug Admin- istration implemented regulations for laser products manufactured since August 1,