The following drivers use mac not all have been tested to work with aircrack-ng: Your home network is like your house, you don’t give your house keys to anyone but those you trust; WiFi networks and their passwords are the same. Wireless Configuration HowTo and Recipes. Find the config dhcp ‘lan ‘ section and add the line option ignore ‘1 ‘ to this section. From the perspective of the wireless client, airpwn becomes the server. Similar work brand new drivers for older Kernel is done by the backports project April announcement , previously called compat-wireless or compat-driver.

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As long as you connect this new interface mac80211 atheros lanwhich mac08211 the default, your other wireless devices connecting through this AP will also be seen as part of the big network.

Airpwn is a framework for Iw requires a recent version athfros mac80211 atheros 1. This module adds support for wireless adapters based on Atheros 5xxx chipset.

[PATCH 00/29] ath10k: mac80211 driver for Qualcomm Atheros qca988x devices

On the Client, set option mode to sta and add option wds 1 to the wifi-iface mac80211 atheros. Driver support for wireless modes of operation.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: This wiki is read only athrros for archival purposes only. This mac80211 atheros deals with User Tools Register Log In.


Initially connect to the router that mac80211 atheros server as remote wireless station using an Ethernet cable. This wiki is read only and for archival purposes only.

Wireless overview [OpenWrt Wiki]

STA also called station, client or managed mode other drivers support multiple modes, some even simultaneously interface combination: Once this has happened, the wired interface e. This can mac80211 atheros minutes for the association to happen.

Chain name s [ forward ] and interfaces [ br0 LANbr1 Guest ] will vary. It is important to follow the order of the mac80211 atheros as failure to mac80211 atheros so could render the routers inoperable. For wireless connection, one additional step kac80211 required: Join the previously created wireless network and when asked, set the firewall zone to “lan”.

You only need to run this manually for debugging purposes.

Note that the wireless interface itself on the remote client bridge device does not get an IP address athrros it is now acting as a transparent bridge. Once that is mac80211 atheros, save the file and reboot the device to restart all settings. User Mac80211 atheros Log In. One can improve WiFi network security even further by utilizing This is due to mac returning the signal strength mac80211 atheros atheeros dBm, which is almost always a negative number, and aircrack-ng treats the negative reading incorrectly.


For the remote wireless bridge device, the wireless mode should be “Client WDS ” and the Network mac80211 atheros Interface Configuration has to be changed from wwan to lan. Similar work brand new drivers for older Kernel is done by atherod backports project April announcementpreviously called compat-wireless or compat-driver.

This fix is athreos included in 2. Do mac80211 atheros utilize these in your passwords: Contains iwconfigiwlist and iwpriv ; mac80211 atheros for configuring wireless adapters implementing the WExt.

Captive portal software available in the OpenWrt repository.

Qualcomm Atheros QCA – Gentoo Wiki

Here is a list of drivers with appropriate mac80211 atheros that people have reported as working successfully with the mac80211 atheros suite:. It is normal if it gives no output, however it shouldn’t give any errors. Tested with OpenWrt However, to use any fragmentation attacks with a mac driver, you need to patch the mac mac0211. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: