I read tutorials then go play ha ha. I probably sensed your answer ;. I do have a spare battery but rarely need it. Hi Nasim, I took your advice and bought the D90 with the zoom and i am very pleased so far. I love shooting landscapes but ran out of time and money to deal with film so I am looking at upgrading to digital but do not know where to begin. Yes Sekhar, without flash, but only if there is sufficient light in the room. But any other lens you think would be great to cpture details of products??

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Nikon D5000 : Specifications and Opinions

As far as focal lengths, check out my focal length comparison article where I show the differences nikon dsc d5000 focal lengths. The D90 also has bigger brighter prism viewfinder, and its nikon dsc d5000 flash can act as flash commander to trigger off-camera flashes, useful if you like flash photography.

Sorry to trouble you with one more query.

I think that is a great camera nikon dsc d5000. Pankaj, Both the Tamron and Nikkor are DX lenses not sure about the Tamron, but very likelyso they will only work in crop mode nikon dsc d5000 FX bodies. It dzc like a white balance problem in auto mode. As far as sharing lenses with your brother, if you think that will work out, then you should go with the Canon system instead.

Hi, I am currently deciding between the D and nikon dsc d5000 D Amazing results, even with so-so images. They say that the proof is nikon dsc d5000 the pudding, and well, here’s your pudding:. I have done some research and have shortlisted D, D or D If you want to zoom in or out, or if you subject is moving, you will need to focus the lens — manually.


Nikon D : Specifications and Opinions | JuzaPhoto

I want it mainly for family photos and portraits. I love those handy little dials! The only difference is the zoom creep lock. The difference betwen D and D90 is in the frames per second, meaning how many frames you can shoot in a given minute. Nasim, thanks for your infos. This was actually nikon dsc d5000 separately from the camera kit — do you recommend keeping this lens? The deal ends at the end of the month and it nikon dsc d5000 definitely a great time to buy.

What lens did your D come with?

Nikon D5000 Review

Like dd5000 of the readers here, Nikon dsc d5000 bought the D about six months ago, because I could not afford the D90 then. So i am just beginning into the world of photography. An FX body nikon dsc d5000 certainly be an upgrade, but weigh your budget carefully as you will need to buy FX lenses to with it.

Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. I want to be in the under range.

Nikon D Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

I carry the D with the and the D with the Ultra-wide easier to push the nikon dsc d5000 to set it up for HDR shots. By continuing to browse the site you confirm that you accept the nikon dsc d5000 of cookies and that you have read and accepted the Terms of service and Privacy.


Hi Nasim, After 5 months of extensive reading on photography and weeks of hesitation between the D90 and the Nikon dsc d5000, I finally purchased a D90 last weekend.

Also, the lenses with the D90 are much better than the lenses you got with the D, especially the Nikon mm I am assuming it is the VR version.

Nikon dsc d5000 in real life use both the cameras when set at raw get a buffer capacity of 7 images, if you switch on high ISO NR and Active D lighting and certain other paramters the buffer capacity drops for both raw and jpeg and can go as low as 6 or even 4 as I have seen on the D See all user reviews.

Yes, the mm lens is the VR version. Another nikon dsc d5000 was that the original file size of 6. Nikon dsc d5000 love to shoot in outdoor and sceneries…. Of course, you also get a lot of noise! If you’re unclear about any option, you can press the help zoom out button for more details. I used to play with my landscapes in the dark room to make them Ansel Adams like.